Topic: [VPS] Now in Los Angeles, CA, US!

We are happy to announce we are launching a VPS host node in Los Angeles, CA, US, This server will start out in Beta mode for the weekend to iron out any potential issues with provisioning and performance, this beta length is subject to change based on feedback and reviews. Customers wishing to participate in the beta can contact us on IRC ( #SmartServ) or open a ticket. Please note that these VPSes WILL be removed at the end of the test period to make way for production. If you wish to continue with a VPS in LA please open a ticket before the beta period has ended and we will arrange the billing.

This node is running on top of  KVM (

Beta testing will begin early Saturday and last until Monday morning unless otherwise stated.

Thank you for choosing SmartServ Hosting and making this expansion possible. Feedback can be left on the forum and we look forward to hearing from customers.

Re: [VPS] Now in Los Angeles, CA, US!

I am happy to announce our tests went well and we are confident this server is ready for production. It has been enabled for new orders and customers wishing to have a VPS relocated can open a ticket and we will set up a migration.