Topic: [Maintenance] Email Service Outage and Move

Over the last few days there have been some issues with our email server (both incoming and outgoing).
Because of this, we will be moving our email to another server tonight, as well as switching the service that provides IMAP and POP3 service.
Starting around 18:00 EST tonight, mail will go offline. Shouldn't be offline for more then an hour or two while some moves and quick tests are performed.
If there are any problems after the move, they will be posted here, however we do not forsee any.

Sorry for the short notice, and any inconvience that may cause.

Re: [Maintenance] Email Service Outage and Move

So.. It's taking a lot longer then we expected to get all this moved.
Still in the process of getting data moved and migrated. Should be done shortly
I'll update again once it's done, but as for now, it's all still down.

Re: [Maintenance] Email Service Outage and Move

Hokay... So....
That took a lot longer then originally planned, and we apologise for anyone who was, and will be inconvienced by this.

Here is what you need to know:

  • We switched out imap/pop3 provider from Courier-IMAP to Dovecot. Because of this, UIDs of emails can get mangled. We did run conversion, but it seems some clients don't like this.

    • If you happen to be running Thunderbird, or other email clients which may do the same thing, when it checks in with the server, you'll get duplicate records.

    • Don't Panic! These duplicate entries are only local. If this happens, simple delete you account, and readd it, and you shouldn't have duplicates anymore.

    • When you go to setup your account, it can be setup with SSL/StartTLS (highly recommended) on IMAP or POP3, and ONLY StartTLS on SMTP.

  • The current DNS entries are still valid (mail/imap/, however DNS may take some time to update for you.

  • If you run your own DNS for your domain (this does not count if we host your DNS), but we host your email, please update your MX Records to The old ATL/EDM record has been updated to point to the new IP, however it is recommended that you update this record.

  • We setup the old server to relay all incoming emails to the new one (until servers pick up the DNS change). This should help prevent email loss. However, during the configuration of this, there was maybe 5 emails that were legit, but got bounced due to 'Relay access denied' or user lookup failures (Catchalls mainly had this issue). This has been corrected.

That should be all for now. Some things may be a little odd till we work out some kinks, and DNS gets updated around the globe.
The only thing that is currently offline is our spam filter web interface. Since the filter was moved, the old/current location is no longer valid. This should be functional again by the end of the weekend.
As always, if you have problems, please contact us and we can help you out
Again, sorry for any inconvience this may have caused you. Hopefully you'll notice a slight increase of speed that we have on our IMAP mailboxes from chainging the server out smile