Topic: [VPS] Linux kernel 3.1.6

We have put together a kernel package for the recent 3.1.6 release that works correctly under our virtualization environment. This is useful for users of Debian 5 wanting to dist-upgrade to 6, and for CentOS users wanting to use CentOS 6+. We will be including this kernel in our templates.

For debian users we have put together a .deb which can be found at … -amd64.deb

For other distributions a compressed tar can be found at … 64.tar.bz2

Re: [VPS] Linux kernel 3.1.6

We have received a few reports of this kernel not working correctly on vps1.atl. I have compiled a 3.2.0 kernel that has tested to work on it, I have made it available as a tarball at … d64.tar.xz

You will need to manually add this kernel to grub, the suggested command for extracting is "tar Jxf kernel-3.2.0-zen-amd64.tar.xz -C /" this will place the needed files in their respective places. A note for debian 5 users: the grub used by this release of debian uses menu.lst not grub.cfg as in debian 6. I have not personally extracted this on other distributions besides Gentoo and welcome anyone to leave comments on this thread with instructions.

I have also included the source in the tarball as it was pulled from git.