Topic: [MAINTENANCE] Important information regarding Roubaix location.

We have some exciting news, after three years of service we are retiring the current server and bringing in new hardware and a better set up to serve our customers. Unfortunately this will require us to assign new IP addresses to customers.

  VPS customers can schedule their VPS to be moved by creating a ticket, all migrations must be completed by October 29, 2014. We will migrate remaining customers who have not migrated, on October 30, 2014. Customers have the option of having a fresh container being created on the new server ahead of time, you will be responsible for transferring all data.

  Shell customers can expect some downtime and IP reassignment October 30, 2014. We will be emailing IP address assignments out before the migration so you can make any necessary preperations.

  Thank you for choosing SmartServ Hosting.